How We Work

With Publishing Houses

Producing a complex publishing project—for example, a Spanish high school program—is labor-intensive; it requires special organizational skills and a diverse talent pool to carry out the task and bring it to completion effectively. Since 1991, GGP Publishing, Inc., has cultivated a top-notch stable of talented writers, editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, researchers, and other expert talent that we can call upon. We have the experience and know-how to seamlessly integrate the individual contributions of our talent pool towards the completion of publishing projects that meet deadlines, stay within budget, and exceed quality expectations.

If your in-house staff is busy with other deadline-sensitive projects or if there is a time crunch on a particular project, GGP Publishing, Inc., can help you. GGP Publishing is equipped to dedicate the time, energy, and focused attention to bring your next project to fruition—delivering a polished manuscript, print-ready files, or even printed books. Find out how we can assist you. Contact us. We will be happy to discuss your project with you.

With Corporations, Nonprofit Organizations, and Individuals Who Wish to Self-Publish

GGP Publishing, Inc., can be on the scene from the moment you come up with a book idea. We will meet to brainstorm with you and decide exactly what it is that you want the book to say and to look like. We can then write, develop, edit, design, and produce the book for you up to finished files, ready for the printer; and counsel you as to distribution.

For single authors who already have a manuscript, GGP Publishing will perform all required editorial functions. We will then design the work, typeset it, and prepare the files for the printer; and advise you on distribution, assisting you up to the point deemed necessary.

For more information on the services GGP Publishing offers, click here; or contact us for a free consultation.