What We Do

GGP Publishing, Inc., offers a wide variety of expert services for projects both simple and complex. We service publishing houses, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals who wish to self-publish. We work in English and foreign languages and have expertise in many subject areas and markets. We produce trade books (fiction and nonfiction), children’s books, textbooks; professional, reference, and how-to books; cookbooks. We execute projects from concept to finished product—bound books, camera-ready electronic files, audiotapes, videotapes, audio CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs— or we attend to any stage, or stages, of this publishing process.

Publishing Services for Educational (K–12, College, and Adult Education) and Trade-Book Publishers

GGP Publishing, Inc., is particularly strong in the conception, writing, development, art / design, and production of textbook programs (K–12, college, and adult education) for educational publishers and of trade educational materials for trade publishers. Although we’re known to work in just about any subject—including Philosophy, Religion, and Culinary Arts—we have unparalleled expertise in several disciplines and a real specialty in foreign language publishing.

Areas of Expertise

  • Foreign Languages
  • English as a Second Language
  • English as a Foreign Language
  • Bilingual Education
  • Language Arts
  • Physics

Foreign Language Textbooks and Trade Books

GGP Publishing, Inc., has a niche in the publishing of textbooks and trade-book programs for the study of foreign languages for both the educational (K–12, college, and adult education) and trade markets. We have produced multimedia programs in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Translation of Complete or Partial Programs for Educational Publishers

GGP Publishing, Inc., translates complete or partial programs in diverse subject areas from and into English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Our services include editing of translations for publication as well as all requested book production functions.

Translation of Fiction and Nonfiction Books for Trade-Book Publishers

GGP Publishing, Inc., translates trade books (fiction and nonfiction) from and into any of the various languages, editing the translations for publication and performing all required production functions.

Publishing Services for Corporations, Nonprofit Organizations, and Individuals Who Wish to Self-Publish

GGP Publishing, Inc., meets with you to brainstorm and develop your book idea. We write and develop the manuscript, performing all required editorial services. We then design the book and put it through all stages of production, handing you finished files to go to the printer with. We can also print for you the traditional way and make recommendations on distribution, marketing, and publicity; or guide you through the process of print-on-demand. If you already have a manuscript, then the process would most likely start at the editorial stage.

Literary Agent / Foreign Publisher Representation

GGP Publishing, Inc., acts as a literary agent for authors and as a representative for foreign publishers who wish to sell rights to American publishing houses and vice versa.

Tasks Typically Handled by GGP Publishing, Inc.:


  • Writing proposals and pitching book ideas to publishers
  • Contract negotiations
  • Project management
  • Permissions


  • Writing
  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing and copyediting
  • Indexing

Art & Design

  • Design of interior and exterior of book
  • Creation of sample pages
  • Photo / art research
  • Art management (crop, size, create art log)


  • Typesetting / composition
  • Production editing
  • Proofreading


  • Prepress production
  • Print supervision

These steps may vary slightly depending on whether the publisher approaches us for help or we approach the publisher with an idea of our own for a project.

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